We’re Back!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on this blog. Originally, this was simply for a study abroad trip, but I’ve decided to use this as a personal blog as well. I’ll be periodically updating the blog with fun trips I’ve been on, school updates, or just ramblings of current events. Stay tuned! Advertisements Continue reading We’re Back!

Venice Realized

Venice turned out to be a lot different in certain aspects than my preconceived notions and the expectations that I had before embarking on this trip. Before leaving, I thought that I had a pretty decent grasp on what Venetian culture and the actual city of Venice would be like. I thought it would be … Continue reading Venice Realized

Tintoretto & the Lilies

Today was Tintoretto day, so let’s talk about arguably the most influential Italian painter in the history of Renaissance art. Before embarking on this study abroad trip, my knowledge of Tintoretto was very limited, meaning that I pretty much had only ever heard his name in passing and knew that he had painted the Last … Continue reading Tintoretto & the Lilies